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It all starts here … and then a question! If your plan is to tie the knot with your girlfriend, you will definitely have to start looking for a perfect engagement ring – the symbol of deep love and fidelity. Shopping for such a ring may be super exciting if you know her style, size and taste. 

In my opinion, each proposal should be tailor made according to relationship and therefore I would also consider a customized engagement ring to make the proposal even more unique. Originality and creativity is highly appreciated by ladies especially if you don’t want her to wear the same ring as any other girl around you.

If you belong to this group of guys, then find out more about how you can start creating your own customized engagement ring for your proposal in Italy. It’s hand made and made in Italy.

Fine custom jewelry in the Eternal City – Peppino Capuano since 1960.

✓ Made in Italy
Our creations are entirely made by the finest Italian master goldsmith and craftsmen.

✓ Handcrafting
Handcrafting is the essential element of our work and history.

✓ Original creations
The laboratory provides original creations: starting from the drawing and the wax model right up to the creation of handcrafted jewelry.

✓ Hand carvings
Particularly outstanding are the hand carvings on semi-precious stones and gems, the customized pendants in delicate handmade gold and silver fretwork, as well as the enamels.

✓ Vintage jewelry processing
In our interpretation of the new trends we transform and reinvent also vintage jewelry.

DIAMOND OFFER for Proposal Planner in Italy clients


DIAMOND OFFER for Proposal Planner in Italy clients